14 ene. 2010

From Romania with love

Post by Danny Camprubi.

Thanks Andrei and Alyna.
Big smiles in the Studio this afternoon after receiving your gift.
We nearly opened the bottles to start drinking because it's chilly here, but good old Pep hid the wine opener! We've decided we will have an appetizer in our "balcony" when it's sunny to enjoy your lovely wine.

That homemade jam looks delicious and someone has already smuggled a jar and we don't know who it is. Tomorrow everyone will end up with jam all over their face!
Thanks again and see you soon in Romania :)

Andrei y Alyna nos han regalado vinos y mermeladas. Son una gente muy maja y nos ha hecho mucha ilusión que se acordaran de nosotros. Mañana nos zampamos todo!

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